Dating Tips For The Timid

There are some timid, shy people around which have difficulty communicating with new singles, they typically need additional time to adjust to the situation. An uncomplicated convenient way for them might be to go to the movies on the first date. Hence getting used to the presence of the new person, without the obligation to talk. When you come out, you might talk about the movie you just watched.images (3)

An additional notion, if you’re shy chatting, is to ask your date about him/herself. It’ll serve to show that you’re interested in learning about him/her, as well as remove part of the pressure of talking, until you’re more comfortable. By making them do the talking you may feel less stressed and eventually you will relax adequately to talk about yourself.

Last point, take into account that most people love to talk mainly about their life, actually, what they would like most is someone that would hear them attentively. Therefore if you are a good listener you will find a lot of people feel at ease with you.

Remember, you should do anything you can to put your shyness in the corner, otherwise it will put you in the corner…

Happy Dating!